The Batwing: The Joker’s Aerial Assault 7782 LEGO Batman Set

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The Joker, otherwise known as the Clown Prince of Crime, is one of the most twisted and dangerous adversaries the Batman has ever faced. He was responsible for many of the Batman’s self-perceived failures from the death of Jason Todd, who was the second Robin, to the Batman’s failure to protect Barbara Gordon, who was then the Batgirl, from being attacked and paralyzed by The Joker. As an iconic villain in the entire history of the Batman, it was only fitting that The Joker would be included in the LEGO Batman sets as one of the main villains of the Dark Knight.

The Batwing: The Joker’s Aerial Assault 7782 LEGO Batman Set was part of the Batman themed LEGO sets introduced in 2006.This particular set has a total of 523 LEGO pieces, which makes it among the biggest Batman sets ever manufactured by the construction toy company. This set is recommended for children between the ages of 8 and 12 years.

The Joker mini figure has one of the most flamboyant designs for a LEGO mini figure with its bright green hair, milky white face, bloody red lips and a colorful violet and orange suit. The Joker mini figure stays true to the cartoon design of the character and you will surely appreciate this given that most mini figures do not closely resemble their cartoon counterparts.

The batman mini figure included in the The Batwing: The Joker’s Aerial Assault 7782 LEGO Batman Set has a grey and black costume. Its legs are a stone grey in color depicting its tights while black underwear is worn over the tights. The arms and the torso of the Batman mini figure are also stone grey while the hands, the mask and the cape are black. There is a black bat logo on the center of its chest while there are fine black prints depicting the six-pack abs of the Caped Crusader. In addition to this, it also features a yellow utility belt where the Batman keeps most of his crime fighting weapons for easier access to them when needed. To learn more about Batman LEGO’s, please visit the following website:

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