2014 Search Marketing With Danny Sullivan

"Mug shot" of Danny Sullivan

“Mug shot” of Danny Sullivan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A 2014 search marketing interview with Danny Sullivan

Gareth Davies from Marketing Pilgrim recently interviewed the search marketing legend Danny Sullivan. He was keen to hear some top pressing questions every search marketer asked.

#1 Google

Danny Sullivan

Gareth: Danny, after studying trends for the last two years, it seems that the Google Algorithm seems to favor larger brands as opposed to smaller business concerns regarding search results. So, is SEO an effective way of driving organic traffic to smaller business concerns this year?

Danny: I feel Google’s Algorithm is favoring brands – not necessarily bigger brands over smaller brands, but the brands on sites that don’t rank highly and have little chance of being found.

#2 Optimization

Gareth: Smaller businesses are finding it difficult to attract organic traffic. Paid search costs are rising and a high percentage of SEO agencies are shifting towards CRO. So, what are the advantages of high converting web pages in regards to search marketing?

Danny: Traffic that doesn’t convert is worthless. It is better to focus on converting existing traffic rather than trying to attract more traffic.

#3 Google and Guest Posting

Gareth: Some say that Google doesn’t approve of guest posting. Have you heard anything about this?

Danny: Google don’t agree with guest posts used to attain links. But, high quality guest posts present no problem.

#4 Content for search marketing

Gareth: Other forms of content seem to slip in and out of fashion. Articles, guest-posting and blogging are not as popular as they were; however, infographics are viewed as a great way to market a business. Do you use them?

Danny: When I receive good infographics I use them.

#5 Social media and search marketing

Gareth: I have attended plenty of search marketing events and I overhear people sing the praises of social media marketing. Do you agree that Google + is the top social media space?

Danny: There’s no doubt about it, Google + impacts on page rankings. Ignore Google + and you are turning your back on a great SEO opportunity.

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