A Rule To Be Followed By The Two-Handed Pooper Scooper Pearland

Paws in the Park, Independence Park, Pearland,...

Paws in the Park, Independence Park, Pearland, Texas 2010.03.28 (Photo credit: fossilmike)

It would be difficult to find within the community of Pearland’s pooper scoopers, one that does not have two hands. Therefore, the advice presented below pertains to all of those men and women who scoop up animal waste within Pearland’s borders. It concerns a rule that ought to be followed by every two-handed pooper scooper Pearland.

Today, a scooping specialist learns what approach he or she is expected to take, when cleaning private yards and public areas.He or she becomes acquainted with the tools of his or her chosen trade. Yet that extensive training does not always include every bit of useful information. For example, it might leave out any mention of this bit of advice: Do not pet a pooch while he is pooping.

That suggestion does not come from someone who works for Houston’s DoodyCalls Company. It does not represent an observation once made by the driver of a truck in a poop pick-up service. It does not appear in the testimony of someone who has previously contacted the DoodyCalls offices. Instead, it comes from a woman who is both an author and a dog owner. She has offered her useful suggestion in one of her books.

Maybe that book, one written by Jennifer Quasha should be placed in Pearland’s library. Perhaps it would help to inspire any future scoopers being trained at the Company located on Brooksfield Park in Houston. That book’s presence in the library of Pearland would certainly help the dogs in one Texas town to have a quiet presence in some rather unexpected and waste-free places.

Of course, the librarain may not know exactly where it belongs on the library’s shelves. In a way, it seems like something that should go next to a book of etiquette. Yet it also seems like the sort of volume that should be shelved next to other animal-themed works.

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