Basic Constipation Remedies

ConstipationConstipation is quite a common problem for people who have a busy and hectic lifestyle. Fast and unhealthy food, in combination with stress and being very busy is surely a recipe for constipation. Nevertheless, there are basic constipation remedies to finally say goodbye to having constipation.

Eating a fibrous meal will not only make constipation a thing of the past, but it will also act as the best stool softener and help you shed some weight in the long run. Try eating fruits such as papaya and prunes to help you defecate regularly. In addition, green leafy vegetables such as spinach, kale, and cabbage are also advisable.

Drinking adequate amount of fluids daily and increasing it during warm summer days is also one basic constipation remedy. When our bodies are dehydrated our stools may become dry and hard too, making defecation a painstaking process. Moreover, hydration keeps our system going and it also facilitates in digestion. So keep your water bottle at hand and always hydrate.

Exercising regularly also keeps our system moving. Although for some people enrolling in a gym may not fit right to their schedule, having a regular exercise regimen will increase metabolism and get the digestive system going. Exercising several times a week will help a lot, as well as moving constantly rather than being inactive.

Resting and sitting still before a long day or after a long day’s work will calm your nerves helping your system to eradicate your bowel’s waste. There is, however, a marked disparity between being inactive and sitting still for a couple of minutes a day to rest. During this period, take time to breathe in and out, making sure that all your stress and worries are gone. This may help you feel alleviated with tension that may hold you back from eradicating your bowel’s waste.

These are basic constipation remedies that are efficient in helping you with the uncomfortable situation you are feeling at the moment. Keep in mind that most of these constipation remedies need you do some miniscule alterations in your day to day activities. Even so, these are proven helpful in giving you ease and making constipation a thing of the past.

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