Benefits of the Hario v60 Pour Over Coffee Maker

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Making pour over coffee is becoming a growing trend in America as well as the rest of the world, even though it is an ancient method of brewing coffee it has gained popularity recently because of its incredible ability to extract flavors and subtle nuances from a coffee bean.  But what brewing device is best for making pour over coffee and what is the simplest to use?  Similar to this article we’ll compare it to similar devices to better understand its abilities in your kitchen.

  • The Hario v60 only costs about $20.  It is less expensive than the Chemex, the Bialetti moka pot (or other moka pots for that matter), as well as the vast majority of french presses.  It is by far the most cost effective way to start brewing incredible coffee at home.
  • The Hario is also incredibly simple to use and understand.  It only consists of a ceramic dripper that sits on top of a coffee mug, is filled with a filter full of ground coffee, and hot water is just poured over it.  Anyone can make pour over coffee in a Hario v60 and it doesn’t take any practice or understand.  It is a great piece of equipment to learn on because it is so difficult to mess up.
  • You can use it to make hot or iced coffee.  It is just as easy to set it on top of a mug filled with ice on a hot summer day if you are interested in making iced coffee – this is the final factor that sets it above rest.  No other method can make hot and cold coffee with such flexibility and ease.

The Hario v60 is a great piece of equipment, capable of brewing amazing coffee without needing a Ph.D. in home coffee making.  It is inexpensive and you can start using it immediately even if you don’t have any prior experience making good coffee at home.

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