Can Cherries Help Alleviate Gout?

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If you are one of the 8.3 million Americans who suffer from gout, the remedy may be as simple as eating a bowl of cherries, according to researchers at Boston University. Cherries have been believed to alleviate gout since the 1950s, and taking about one and a half cups of cherries can reduce the chances of the gout recurring by up to 35 percent.

Gout is caused by uric acid accumulating in the blood stream, leading to swelling, pain and inflammation. Older men are especially susceptible to gout, although women who have gone through menopause are also likely to suffer from it. The big toe is often affected, and sometimes the feet, ankles, knees and arms. Certain foods, such as shellfish, as well as excessive alcohol intake can make the gout worse.

It is not entirely clear why cherries can help fight gout, although it could be the anti inflammatory properties, or the high Vitamin C content. A diet that includes cherries, as well as the appropriate medication can potentially help to alleviate the painful effects of gout by up to 75 percent. However, the benefits of gout relieving cherries are still being investigated by the FDA, and the sample used to test the claims is considered too small to draw definite conclusions.

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One Response to “Can Cherries Help Alleviate Gout?”

  • karen says:

    Cherries and cherry supplements are great when naturally treating this health condition without side effects, because they possess anti-inflammatory properties.