On The Information Included With The Tecumseh Replacement Engine

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Before packing up a Tecumseh replacement engine, one that was requested during a call to Blue Moon Parts, our staff makes a point of including any helpful printed materials. Those would be booklets and leaflets that could aid the mower user, the man or woman charged with installing that large, packaged and mailed component. Moreover, our customer service representatives stand ready to answer any questions called into our Midland office, following any effort to install and use that same heavy component.

That fact underlines the quality of the services provided by Blue Moon Parts. Our Company’s warehouse contains a generous number of mower supplies. We carry items for all the major brands of mowers. Our staff knows how to locate any item in a hury. By the same token, we go out of our way to provide our customers with any amount of requested guidance, whether over the phone or within an email.

In addition, we always examine the container used to hold any piece that gets shipped from our Midland warehouse. We do not want its wrappings to contain a confusing phrase. For example, we would make the needed corrections to any package that had printed instructions like those once found on one set of fan belts. According to a work published by a columnist and punster, those instructions read like this: Do not change the belt while the engine is running.

Of course, we do not devote an extra long time to an examination of the items that need to go on a waiting UPS truck. Items going to a point in the southeastern region of the United States get shipped out the day that any one of them has been ordered. That assumes that the customer’s order has come in before our firm deadline: 3:00 PM Central Standard Time.

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