Perform Website Maintainance to Maximize Uptime

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Website Maintainance to Maximize Uptime


In recent times, website owners have come to understand the implications on profits by web site downtime. A loss incurred on any business has made this particular situation a prime concern for web owners. According to a blogger, Steve Martin; proper planning and taking worthwhile steps happens to be a long lasting solution in avoiding down time and maximizing one’s site up-time. He further goes ahead to correct some mostly used assumptions; all cases of website downtime are brought about by a mistake on the side of hosting providers.

An argument on who should be blamed during a website’s downtime makes the whole notion clear in that; each side should take initiatives in curbing this problem and as a result ensure an decent up-time percentage for the website.

Steve Martin went into all the trouble of making the whole situation clear by providing worthwhile steps which he happens to follow in his website in ensuring a continuous state of website up-time.

1.Always check and ensure the software is upgraded.

A regular update on all site’s components ensures that the software is running smoothly. This in the long run will ease accessibility on the particular site. This is particularly so due to the fact that the internet is experiencing changes on a day to day basis.

2.Avoid setting up of DNS on servers.

The whole idea is hard to accept in that DNS settings on ones severs is pocket friendly. A common problem associated with DNS setting, is the fact that it eventually crashes. This being the case, it is advisable to consider hiring a competent host to perform a DNS hosting on your website. This will affect your uptime in a positive manner in that the guarantee on a longer period of operation will be worthwhile.

3.Ensure that the website is monitored

This is usually made possible by fitting website monitors in place. Everyone in any particular setting will agree with the fact that you cannot consider solving a problem which you have no information concerning its existence. Consider a situation where the website experiences a downtime, and unfortunately it’s not detected; it is obvious that those trying to visit your site will continuously fail to do so as the site remains inaccessible. A good monitoring service is one that contains convenient and reliable channels of conveying information in case of a problem in your site. These common channels include; the short message service (sms) and emails.

4.Consider the services of an on-call administrator

This particular step should be taken by both large and small organizations. Emergencies and situation where one is unable to attend to a problem detected in his site are attended to without one having to worry himself. For instance consider a situation where a downtime is detected at midnight. It is clear that it will be easier to inform your on-call administrator rather than to wake up and do the whole job of correcting it. Lucky enough the services are not too costly and size of an organization cannot be considered as an excuse not use them.



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