Pilates Neck Pain Exercises against Pain and Stiffness

Muscles not from BrusselsMuscles in the neck can be tensed due to several reasons. Tension and stress are considered as the biggest contributors to this tension. If your work requires sitting on your desk for a long period, this may result to neck pain. However, there are other factors that can restrict neck mobility and result to painful knots like injuries or accidents that can scar the neck tissues, thus resulting to tightness in the muscles. For such condition, Pilate neck pain exercises can provide quick relief.

Pilate exercises are helpful in strengthening the core muscles. By doing slow and deliberate movements, the muscles are stretched and strengthened, thus easing soreness and tension. These exercises will allow your muscles to relax and become healthier and stronger. Pilates will also help you learn about the different breathing techniques that can help you relieve the pain. Breathing exercises can help relax your body and release the tension buildup.

Various exercises are helpful in relieving pain in the neck and alleviate stiffness and tension. You can perform these exercises even while you are working on your desk. You should also remember that it is important to keep your neck moving at least every two hours to prevent stiffness. If you can maintain your neck’s mobility then it can prevent tiredness. Two of the most commonly used neck pain exercises include the following:

  • Neck Rolls – start the exercise by moving your neck from right to left. Rotate it in a clockwise direction and repeat it for at least 10 to 15 times.
  • Side Stretches – while standing with your feet at hip width distance, start to bring the fingertips of your right hand to your left ear. Slowly turn your head to your left shoulder and then stretch out your right arm. Hold the position for several seconds and then do the same on the other side.

Pilate neck exercises for pain in the neck is an effective remedy for muscle soreness, which is often due to an accident or an injury.  Building up the strength of your muscles is important, as they need to heal to prevent atrophy. You should also consider these exercises as an essential part of your daily routine. If you can maintain these exercises, it can help improve your posture, sharpen your agility, enhance your grace, and ease the pain.

Remember that being toned and fit is an essential goal. These exercises can be done at home or even at work. You can do these exercises if your neck is feeling stiff to stretch and relax your muscles. For other Pilate exercises, you can also check out some health blog online for more tips and exercise routines. However, remember that if the pain is due to an injury, you should avoid performing exercises as these can aggravate your condition. It would be best to consult your physician instead.

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