Remove That Old Decorative Privacy Window Film From Your Windows

Cleaning Windows

Cleaning Windows (Photo credit: John!!!)

After several months of procrastination, you have made the decision to remove that old privacy window film that has been on your windows for the last several years. However, the task intimidates you a bit because you’re thinking of the difficulties that might be involved. Well, not to worry. In this article, I am going to give you a basic procedure that you can use to get rid of that old film.

Taking Off Static Cling Window Film

If your window film is of the static cling variety that doesn’t use an adhesive to stay on the windows, then you’re in luck. All that you should have to do is peel it off. Just start in the corner and work diagonally across the window as you’re peeling it off. In some areas, you might need a plastic scraper to help you strip the decorative privacy window film from the window. If this is the case for you, then just be careful not to scratch the window.

What If Your Film Has An Adhesive?

If your film is not static cling and does have an adhesive, then your task will be a little more involved. The first thing that you should do is fill a spray bottle with ammonia. Then, you can spray the window with the ammonia. When doing this, saturate the film with the ammonia, and then cover the film with a plastic wrap so that the film doesn’t dry out. Once you’ve done that, let the film soak for about an hour. The reason why you do this is so that the ammonia will penetrate the film and break down the adhesive that is keeping your film on the window. After the decorative window privacy film has had time to soak, remove the plastic wrap and start to peel off the film. In some areas, you might need to use a plastic scraper. The film may come off in pieces due to the adhesion being stronger in some areas of the window. Just keep spraying it with ammonia until all of the film comes off. After you’ve done that, use the ammonia to remove any adhesive residue that might have been left behind.

Now, your window is ready for that new sheet of window film. That wasn’t so hard, now was it?

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