Shaker Kitchens And Their Different Styles

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Shaker kitchens have a classic and timeless feel about them that make them popular with homeowners everywhere. Another reason for their popularity is that these kitchens come in a variety of styles, including modern, wooden, period and multi-coloured. Whatever your personal preferences, requirement and constraints, there’s a Shaker kitchen to suit you.

Modern Shaker kitchens tend to have a contemporary look achieved through the combination of Shaker-style cabinets with wooden and granite worktops. This type of Shaker kitchen also features units with a high gloss finish and urban-style appliances that give the room a professional ambience. Streamlined bar handles and glass doors are also common in this style of kitchen.

Wooden units are a popular choice in more traditional Shaker kitchens. The types of wood frequently used in this style of kitchen include maple, pine and cherrywood. Such kitchens are also suited to a darker timber finish. To achieve an atmosphere of subtle sophistication, try using timeless oak or elegant burr-walnut. You can also experiment with a mixture of wooden units and lighter-painted cupboards for a more informal effect. By installing worktops and flooring of a pale colour, you’ll ensure that your kitchen has a light and airy feel about it.

Period-style Shaker kitchens have a rustic feel about them, without being over-the-top in terms of detailed cabinetry. Install white or cream units and team them with wooden door knobs and worktops in order to achieve a laid-back country ambience. Units in Shaker kitchens such as these also often have glass fronts that resemble traditional dresser units, allowing for the attractive display of fine china and glassware. Add an elegant finishing touch to your kitchen with classic detailing around the plinths and shelves. If you’re considering an even more advanced period design, look at Shaker kitchens with beams to see if such a feature would fit in with your vision.

To make a bold statement, draw inspiration from more colourful Shaker kitchens. Popular Shaker colours include cream and shades of blues, greens, reds and yellows. Paint your kitchen units in these colours to add a bright and cheerful feel to your kitchen. You might also try teaming up several co-ordinating tones with one another. This defines the different areas of the kitchen, such as the space surrounding the fridge, the central worktop, the service hatch and the dining space.

Shaker kitchens have a very distinct decor style without all looking the same. If you’re considering creating this type of kitchen, don’t feel you have to be restricted to a certain colour scheme or design. With this type of kitchen, the possibilities are endless.

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