Buying A Used RV Is Fine, But You Have To Remember To Do Your Homework

Just because you can have a lot of fun buying a repossessed RV from an auction doesn’t mean that you can just be lax about it. Just because you can save a lot of money doesn’t necessarily mean that you will save a lot. Most of the time when you are buying repossessed RVs for sale, you don’t know exactly what it is that you are getting. If you take the time to thoroughly prepare, you will understand approximately how much that RV is worth, both at wholesale value and at retail value. In addition, you’ll have to find out … Read the rest

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What Is A Right Time To Sell Your RV Or Travel Trailer?

If you are buying for the same pool of buyers as a lot of other people trying to sell their RV, you just need to be able to price it for a little bit less, or convince a potential buyer that your RV for sale is the best.

Sometimes this can be hard to do. But one thing that helps out is to make sure that you have your RV  or travel trailer well advertised in local newspapers, and also on the Internet. I also recommend that you use Craigslist for advertising, because I tend to get as many calls … Read the rest

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Wheels With Great Deals

Your vehicle’s tires are perhaps the most abused part of your precious car. Whether it’s a trek up the rocky mountains or a short drive along the smooth roads in the city, your car’s tires will always keep on turning until it wears off. For the tires, it’s a common story of wear and tear. So when the time comes when you have to say goodbye to your wheels, change them. Without the wheels of a vehicle, you might as well think of bringing your car to the junk yard. Otherwise, it’s time to look for new tires.

Shopping for … Read the rest

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