Prodyne Infusion Pitcher

When I ran across the Prodyne infusion pitcher, I was extremely impressed with the concept.  This pitcher is obviously engineered to provide the ultimate experience in refreshing enjoyment and is an excellent way to introduce your friends and family to new drink flavors.

The fun thing about the Prodyne pitcher is its infusion rod.  Using the infusion rod you can add any variety of vegetables or fruits to flavor your water or tea.  This allows for some extremely fun combinations.  You may want to simply use mild flavors such as strawberry or cucumbers to flavor your water, or you might … Read the rest

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Best Tasting Coffee for Your Coffee Needs

English: Roasted coffee beans photographed usi...A kind of art is entailed when selecting the best kinds of coffee beans. For those who have the resources, they would do what it takes just to obtain the best tasting coffee. You may not be concerned about this if you love to drink instant coffee or those extracted from coffee pods. However, you would surely change your mind once you would have a taste of the best tasting coffee. You need to start looking at the right place if you would look for the best tasting coffee. Some insights on where and how to find the best tasting … Read the rest

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