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Can Cherries Help Alleviate Gout?

If you are one of the 8.3 million Americans who suffer from gout, the remedy may be as simple as eating a bowl of cherries, according to researchers at Boston University. Cherries have been believed to alleviate gout since the 1950s, and taking about one and a half cups of cherries can reduce the chances of the gout recurring by up to 35 percent.

Gout is caused by uric acid accumulating in the blood stream, leading to swelling, pain and inflammation. Older men are especially susceptible to gout, although women who have gone through menopause are also likely to suffer … Read the rest

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Using Lemon Juice To Treat Acne

Using Lemon Juice To Treat Acne

If you are cursed with acne, there are various natural remedies that can help, and one of the most effective is lemon juice. if you are wondering how does lemon juice help acne, it can help to dry out any excess oil, increase skin elasticity and enable new skin cells to form.

Juice from lemons has several advantages, in addition to being effective. It is safe and easy to use and can be taken internally, or applied to the affected area externally. It also contains potassium and Vitamin C, both of which are effective … Read the rest

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