The Benefits Of Swimming On The Joints


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The Benefits Of Swimming On The Joints


Besides just being a lot of fun, swimming is a great aerobic exercise that can tone about any part of the body.  People of almost any activity level can participate in workouts that suit their individual needs. In some ways, swimming is the perfect exercise.

Swimming is also easy on the joints.  Anyone with joint pain due to arthritis or another condition knows that finding a way to exercise without pain is difficult.  A good swimming routine eliminates pressure and strain on the affected joints, allowing sufferers to continue to be physically active and reap the benefits of regular exercise.

Though swimming relieves much of the strain on the body, certain strokes are easier on people than others, depending on their specific condition. For instance, the breaststroke or backstroke may be too much for some people with shoulder pain.  Also, kicking too vigorously is also a potential problem for people with knee and ankle problems. Consulting a doctor and an exercise expert is recommended before undertaking any swimming program.  They can design a swimming workout that will keep joint stress to a minimum.

Swimming provides many health benefits to the general population.  Those suffering from joint pain will find swimming to be an excellent aerobic exercise that won’t cause them the pain that other activities might.  Plus, swimming is just pure fun.



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