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Driving can be a dangerous situation even under the best of circumstances. When there are other factors involved, however, it can be even more treacherous. For example, when an automobile has mechanical or other problems or when the driver has some distraction or other impairment which is impeding his ability to perform at his best, this can be even more dangerous than usual and can lead to some horrific accidents. One of the worst times for a person to drive is when they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Most people do not plan to intentionally break the law or to cause damage or injuries. Most people who drink do so socially and believe that they are being responsible. Many of these individuals consume what they believe is a small amount of alcohol, and they do not feel impaired at all.

Such individuals may get behind the wheel of the car under the false belief that they have all of their faculties intact and that driving should be no problem. Obviously the best practice is to not consume any alcohol at all before driving. Some of these individuals often find themselves pulled over by a law enforcement professional. They will then be subjected to a series of tests, which can be quite embarrassing and invasive, and the outcome of these tests will then determine whether they were driving while past the legal limit and if they should then be arrested. The legal limit for alcohol in the state of Utah is a blood content of .08. Once a person has been pulled over and subsequently arrested under such a circumstance, he or she should notify a Salt Lake City DUI lawyer.

A Salt Lake City DUI lawyer will help immensely with this situation. The person who has been arrested often feels alone and is unsure of how to proceed next. Their attorney will not only be able to give effective advice, but they will lend a great deal of emotional support to the individual who has been arrested. This is much-needed support, as the one who is arrested is often worried about losing friends and could be worried about losing their driving privileges. Further embarrassment can occur when family members find out. While some of these family members can be supportive, others can treat the person like an outcast and can sometimes treat the person quite harshly. A friendly Salt Lake City DUI lawyer can help the person feel that at least someone is on his or her side.

A Salt Lake City DUI Lawyer will look at all circumstances of the case and decide what needs to be done next. In many instances the person who was arrested had their rights violated in some way by the arresting officer, and can get some evidence thrown out of court. While it is usually necessary to face some consequences as a result of driving while under the influence, those who use an attorney usually find that the consequences are somewhat less severe than if they had no attorney who represented them. Many people feel that a person in such a situation that is hiring a lawyer is admitting guilt. That is not really the case. A person has a right to hire an attorney whether they are innocent or guilty. The laws of this nation as well as those of the state of Utah do grant an individual the right to hire good counsel in order to defend themselves against the charges which are presented. A Salt Lake City DUI lawyer will be the perfect professional to help defend anyone who has been charged with driving while under the influence.

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