Tips for Proper Maintenance of Your Area Rugs

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At first use, area rugs will always be as fascinating as possible. However, with constant use and with all the stains and dirt gathered in there, its glow will now start to fade. As such, you have to always make sure that you give these rugs proper maintenance in order for them to look as good as new every time you see them. This will not only make them clean, but will also ensure you of its durability. If by now, you are not yet aware of the ways on how you are to do this, here are some tips you can probably make use of;

  1. If possible, try to sweep of the dust from these rugs every day. This process will help in order for the dust not to accumulate. Of course, this is also good for safety and hygiene.
  2. When you only have a very little time for cleaning in a day, you can opt for vacuuming your rugs at least 2-3 times a week. By doing this, you prevent dust from penetrating deep within. Try to also vacuum the dirt behind these rugs.
  3. To assure cleanliness, it is good if you wash these rugs with water at least once in two weeks. By doing this, you remove stains from the surface up to the inside area. You can make use of a detergent to help you out. However, if these are washable throw rugs, things will be a lot easier for you. After cleaning, rinse them well and expose to sunlight for them to dry easily.

By doing these tips, for sure your rugs will really stay clean every day. You don’t need to buy a new one from time to time. All you need to do is to get those necessary equipment and for sure cleaning will come easily for you.

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