Tips On How To Get IRS Tax Help ‘en Español’

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Understanding tax information is difficult for most people and the situation is worsened if you are reading the information in a second language. However, for Spanish speakers, the IRS has a number of products that they can use.

Visiting can provide you with a lot of information. Tax refunds and as well as information on Earned Income Tax Credit is readily available here.

Taxpayers can use the e-file option to enable them pay their taxes online free of charge. Those who earned less than $58,000 in the last year can use the free tax software availed while forms are available for individuals who made more than this. To use these features, go to and click on “En Español button”.

In case your income is less than $52,000, you can use the volunteer tax preparation program. This is available via the website.

The Multimedia Center can also play a vital role in providing you with information that you need about taxes. There are podcasts and videos with this information. Just search the keyword “Centro Multimediático” while on the IRS website.

Teletax is an automated telephone service that can help in tracking your tax refunds. You can also listen to prerecorded messages on more than 125 tax related issues. This is a 24/7 service available by dialing 800-829-4477.

Spanish tax forms and publications can also help you in understanding your taxes. You can easily download them from

IRS announcements and important tax tips can be accessed through the IRS Spanish Newsroom. This way, you will stay updated with all information regarding your taxes that could be beneficial. Search for “Noticias en Espanol” while at the IRS’ website to get you to the newsroom.

Spanish speakers can also keep abreast with IRS affairs through their twitter handle. Following @IRSenEspanol will certainly help you get important tax tips and information.

Although the IRS website can offer most of the important information that you need, talking to someone can also be useful. At such times, you can call the toll free number 800-829-1040 followed by 8 for a Spanish speaking representative.

Visiting the IRS office near you can be beneficial in obtaining information that you seek in Spanish. At the IRS Taxpayer Assistance Center, you will have all your queries answered by speaking to someone in person or through a translator. You can find out about the location and working hours of the office from their website.

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