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Kid’s rooms are probably one of the most expensive to decorate especially since they grow out of different themes very quickly. Decorations that may work while the kids are young may not be as valued in a matter of months and parents have to deal with the expenses and heavy tasks of creating a complete overhaul. Even more demanding is when spaces have to be decorated for kids sharing a room. Unlike in the instances where a single kid will be facing a change in choice of colors, for a shared room there are more demands as the changes are likely to head in different directions. This creates a challenge for parents as they try to find a middle ground in terms of décor that will work for all the kids.

One of the tips on decorating spaces for kid’s sharing a room is that of going for accessories which can easily be removed. In this case, a lot of expense does not have to be incurred as parents try to keep up with different changing needs of all the kids. To allow for easy changing of the décor, parents can adopt stickers which can easily be put up and pulled down. The thing with stickers is that they can easily be found in different colors and designs and the kids can even be involved in the decorating process. Stickers are also cheap and they are not as difficult to put up as painting the entire spaces.

There is always the fear that decorating spaces for kids sharing a room cannot achieve an individual look. Most parents have the notion that if their kids share a room it will be difficult to find décor themes that will create a unifying effect while representing the personalities of all the children. A tip to achieving a sense of individualism for a kid is that of using names as part of the décor. Where neutral colors may be used for all the kids in a room, personality can be achieved by placing name tags over each kid’s space for a personal representation.

For any furniture that is to be used by kids sharing a room there needs to be caution that the designs do not lean to one gender, especially if the kids are of different sexes. To avoid this, parents should go for clean lines on modern furniture rather than heavy detailing which may appear feminine.

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