1 Million People Using TurboTax For Mobile Phones: How Did Intuit Do It?

TurboTax For Mobile Phones

Only two years ago, Intuit had less than 200,000 customers using TurboTax on their mobile phone to file their taxes. This number represented a very small percentage of the 31 million TurboTax users. Nat Rajesh Natarajan, the senior vice president of Intuit product and engineering, felt this was not a satisfactory number. Some tax returns are admittedly complicated. However, that did not mean that it was not possible to utilize TurboTax on your phone in order to do them.

TurboTax For Mobile Phones
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As a result, the mobile product was transformed within a year. There are now more than a million TurboTax For Mobile Phones customers who use the product on their mobile phones, and the number continually increases. The efforts of Natarajan’s team to shift the Intuit culture to a “mobile-first” mindset contributed to this shift.

On April 4th and 5th, Natarajan will be speaking at the Mobile Summit event in Sausalito, California. At this event, held at the Cavallo Point Lodge, he will explain how he accomplished this feat.

At a high level, accomplishing this task required changing the focus of the entire team to mobile. The team focused on one platform, instead of operating separate teams for different platforms. The app was built only once, and was then made available for different platforms by use of a proprietary wrapper.

This mobile team didn’t have the usual high budget to work with. Costs were lowered by utilizing one marketing individual, who also had management and product development experience. Snapchat was used as a vehicle for creative ads, and the campaign caught the attention of the public. As a result of these marketing efforts, public recognition grew quickly.

During the event, Natarajan will elaborate upon the challenges of cross-platform development, incorporating feedback, accelerated product transformation, and shifting an internal culture. There will also be a number of other respected speakers at the event, including executives from Pandora, Google, Runtastic, Pocket Gems, Touch of Modern, and Kik.

The event, limited to only 180 executive invitations, provides an intimate experience for exchanging strategies on the latest trends. There will be a good mix of leading vendors attending the event as well, but there will not be heavy influence from specific platform owners or vendors. Working sessions will provide opportunities to further explore specific topics, and cocktail receptions are planned. This Mobile Summit is set to be one of the hottest independent insider event.

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