What Can You Do With Makeup Samples?

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Over the last few months have you accumulated a large amount of free makeup samples that you do not to do with them all, there is just too many for you to use? Well there are things that you can do so that you can get rid of the but in the same aspect make other people happy too. That is right is your makeup something that you know someone would just love to try it is just that they do not know how to get the color that you have? Instead of letting them order a makeup that they do not know if they are going to like it why not just give her a few of the samples that you have so that she can try them with out having to waste the money in case they do not like them.

Believe it or not there are a lot of people that are out there that are embarrassed to ask if they can get some free cosmetic samples because they feel awkward or they are afraid that the salesman is going to think little of them because they are asking for free samples. When in actuality there are a lot of salesmen that would prefer that you do ask for the free samples so that they know how they can help you find the right color for you or what other things that would go great with the shade. So the next time that you know someone that would love some samples just make them up a small gift basket especially if it is around the holidays . That way not only does it make for a great gift but you also can get rid of the samples that you have laying around and help them trying to find out if the color that you have is the right color for them. They may find out that the color you wear is not the color for them.

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