What to Do in Case of Animal Bites As Advised by Los Angeles Injury Lawyers

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Animal bites are very serious things. This type of accident will result to lasting effects, particularly if the animal bites were very severe. Severe animal bites result to tissue damage, and if the bite was large and deep, it could damage both muscles and nerves. If these tissues are damaged, then you can expect sensory loss to the areas supplied by the nerve as well as weakness of the muscles. Now, if you were bitten by an animal, your los angeles injury lawyers will advice you to the following steps.

The first thing that you need to do, per advice of local los angeles injury lawyers, is to identify the owner of the animal as well as identify the animal itself and get their information like name, address, phone number, among others. You should also get the name of their insurance company. If, on the other hand, you are unable to physically move because of the severity of the bites, then you can ask your companion, a family member, a bystander even to take the information that you need from the pet owner. Knowing these information and gathering them is very important in filing a case and strengthening your claim.

Your accident attorney in los angeles such as Bob Cohen Law of 5763 W Century Blvd, #700, Los Angeles, CA (323) 872-3100 will also tell you of the importance of the place where you got bitten, especially if it took place where the pet owner and his pet lives. This is important so for the investigation process. Your lawyer will ask the neighbors about the propensity of the animal and if it has bitten another victim. The neighbors’ answers will be very important in building the evidences and making them strong, especially when it comes to proving if the pet owner is following leash ordinance or not.

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