Know Your Natural Cures For Heartburn

People who have never experienced heartburn and who hear that it actually doesn’t involve the heart burning or getting hurt in any way might sniff at the misleading title and prefer to call the condition by its clinical name of acid reflux. But if you are one of the millions of people who experience heartburn every now and then, you will understand why it’s called heartburn, because sometimes it does feel as if your heart is being roasted alive, even though you know it’s just the acids from your stomach inflaming the delicate lining of your esophagus. Medications abound … Read the rest

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Prodyne Infusion Pitcher

When I ran across the Prodyne infusion pitcher, I was extremely impressed with the concept.  This pitcher is obviously engineered to provide the ultimate experience in refreshing enjoyment and is an excellent way to introduce your friends and family to new drink flavors.

The fun thing about the Prodyne pitcher is its infusion rod.  Using the infusion rod you can add any variety of vegetables or fruits to flavor your water or tea.  This allows for some extremely fun combinations.  You may want to simply use mild flavors such as strawberry or cucumbers to flavor your water, or you might … Read the rest

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